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Si Scott – Interview

Si Scott

Who is Si Scott? Tell us a little about yourself?I am a graphic designer from the Uk who is originally from Leeds but has moved around the country quite a bit (the next plan is to spend some time living abroad hopefully New York or somewhere like that). I left school at 16 and went to Leeds College Of Art & Design (Where I am now a part time lecturer) to study a BTEC in Graphic Design and then a foundation in Visual Communication, before going to Buckinghamshire Chilterns University to study a degree in Graphic Design. Upon completion I stayed in London for another 2 or 3 years and worked for a number of different small designa gencies whilst continuing with my own work and freeelance projetcs on the side.

You’ve been making some really innovative type work. Describes us your process and how you’ve come to make this kind of work.
I always start by picking a font I feel fits the brief or works with what I am trying to achieve the piece and then will play around with different page layouts for a while. The next pahse is to just bring the piece to life using fineliners to create the illustration. I always work bigger than the finsihed piece is going to be and scan the illustrations at 1000dpi at 125% so when it is decreased to the actual size it’s very crsip an clean.

I think I came to make this kind of work just through my love of drawing, type and design and trying to do something that encompasses all them together.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes ffrom music – I am constantly listening to music while I work and the lyrics especially. I’m really into words!

You have just created “We are bitch” with Kerry Roper. How come you got to work with him, and when have you decided to create this already promising studio?

I’ve known Kerry quite a few years now from my days of living in London. We just became mates and always said we’d do something together. So we decided to set up a studio together – we are both really busy with our own stuff at the minute which means unfortunately we haven’t had time to really concentrate on ‘We Are Bitch’ – hopefully we’ll get a chance to work together a bit more in the future.

And to conclude, name three of your favorite fonts.

Helvetica (family)
Akzidenze Grotesk (family)
Pagan Poetry
and too many more to mention.

(typeforyou team would like to thanks Si Scott for his time)


  1. i just realised I went to school with this guy… i have him on a couple of my home made skateboard videos!

  2. CAM says

    I couldn’t agree more! Si Scott rocks. Where did you find the movieclip with him – I so much want it for my blog. Can I download it from somewhere?

  3. annerose says

    These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.

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  5. I can’t believe I haven’t seen your site before. I found you through one of my favourite sites, Keep up the great work.

    Re Mr Scott, he’s an incredibly talented designer, and I love his work.

  6. monique says

    well JOAO, you may think it’s boring but i would like to see u come up with something as interesting as this! i love it, it is one of a kind. our graphic design school is doing a project on typography, and we all look to his desigs for inspirasion…

  7. ok Joao, can you do better? show us your work… boring is reading your comment… Si Scott has a particular and very nice stile! to say the least…
    Congratulations Si Scott!!!! GREAT work!!!

  8. leasskª says

    hey si scott la mueve!!
    can i get one of his fonts from somewhere in the net?

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  13. Jessica says

    Hello, in my school my art teacher has decided to study your work and has set us a prodject, i would appreciate it VERY much if you could help me anwser a few things.
    -How was it made, was it all hand drawn and is it all pen?
    – What sort of music do you listen to, you say that it is music that has inspired you

    Thank you very much, you artwork is phenominal

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  15. These patterns and artwork look great! Very different. Which program did you use to make these logos?

  16. Saw this site (and blog post) as I was referred by a friend. Definitely worth my time and effort.

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