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TypeForYou Competition


TypeForYou has teamed up with online digital type foundry HypeForType, to bring you a one off competition, and a chance to win
Exclusive Faces Volume 1, worth over £150.
Exclusive Faces Volume 1 includes limited edition typeface creations from
the likes of Si Scott, Alex Trochut, Jon Burgerman, Luke Lucas and HelloHikimori.

To be in with a chance to win this Exclusive Volume and possibly have your typeface submission taken forward and built, we’re asking you to pull out your creative type skills and show us something unique.

The brief is to create a custom typeface using the phrase “TypeForYou“.

All entries within the competition will be displayed on the header of typeforyou.org and the winning entry will win the great Exclusive Faces 01 volume, and also be in with the chance of working with HypeForType
to build your typeface.

All submissions should be supplied in jpg format and no more then 10MB as the file size.

The submission deadline is the 18th of September.
Please send all submissions to competitions@typeforyou.org

TypeForYou and HypeForType will review the submissions on the 18th of September, and the winner will be announced on the 20th September.
Best of luck!


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  3. powdah says

    I don’t get the competition. Is it meant to be a logo-type only containing the words typeforyou or are you meant to design an entire typeface?

  4. Hello POWDAH,

    The competition for now is to create an original idea for a typeface using the word “typeforyou”. The winning entrie will get the Exclusive Volume 1 from Hype For Type and get the chance to finish the font with Hype For Type and probably sell it.

  5. GeeDee says

    What size does it need to be? I want to enter mine and win, if possible.

  6. kurtis says

    Kerning on ‘Type for You’ on the image above is atrocious

  7. Mikael says

    It would be nice if you outlined the requirements more. I have no idea what is expected of me. Am I supposed to simply design the letters in the words “Type For You” and present it as is, or am I to design a whole “package” around the lettering, for example present it as a poster or an animated piece, etc etc. How is it supposed to be submitted? Black on white, 500x500px? Do I need to make my submission stand out in ways other than the type design itself?

  8. @kurtis – We will be changing that with submissions soons 😉

    @mikael – All you have to do to enter the competition is to draw an original typeface and using for now the “type for you” words. If you’re a winner or even if you want to make the complete package that’s good too, but to enter the “type for you” is quite enough.
    The presentation mode, can be in any size or colors, we’re not thinking in nothing animated for now, but you can present it as a poster, explore your ideas on that.

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