1. Jay Esbee says

    Great looking layout, could have been better if he took his own advice, or at least made sure he didnt have any widows.

  2. I *just* wrote about how typography is a science and how I’m still trying to find all the rules – it seems I have my work cut out for me with this. Thank you ever so much for the link, the download works best from Evan’s page directly though and the PDF interestingly won’t display in FoxIt at all.

  3. The rules are really great. Funny aside: Orphans are called “whore children” in german – this is not a colloquial term, but a technical one 😀

  4. Nice, except two of “rules” are all wrong.

    Using baseline everywhere is just waste of paper. human eyes do see body text as blocks, not as series of lines.

    Body text should be justified. Sadly, computers are just not able to do what typesetters mastered for more than five centuries – creating clean, tidy and perfectly readable justified columns.
    Look at Gutenberg bible – Indesign is not able to do anything distantly resembling…

  5. Robbie Sparks says

    The beautiful Rules poster isn’t downloading!

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