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Type as Object – 3D Type Book

This book conceived, written and designed by FL@33, present us with some amazing examples of type as an object in more than 1300 images and 300 projects. It doesn’t pretend to be (only) about typography, and should not be understood like that. To the purists of typography, the distinction between typography and lettering is well understood by the authors, that are mainly interested in showing what designers are doing with this trendy (we can’t deny it) 3D look, in the post-digital reaction.

As Andrew Byrom points out in the Forword:

Perhaps the term “3D” is out of place in this book. This is not the effect of three dimensios; These are actual objects. In relation to a 3D movie, the work that FL@33 has compiled here is theatre. There is no illusion. There is no need for blue and red glasses. This is type as object; physical and real.

It is mainly focused on contemporary works: Antoine+Manuel, Underware, Sagmeister, Marian Bantjes, but you will find there also some references to more pioneering projects of  the 40’s.

Here you can take a look inside the book

And there is even an iPhone site for more info at:

Buy the 3D Type Book.

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