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MA Contemporary Typographic Media

MA Contemporary Typographic Media is a one-year, full time postgraduate course at the London College of Communication. It offers the opportunity to investigate visible language through the intensive study of typography. The programme is nationally and internationally unique in its provision, taking a broad multi-disciplinary and exploratory approach to both the design of type and its typographic implementation.

The course is centred on the development of extensive independent student research projects which are informed by a programme of related practical and theoretical studies. These provide opportunities for gaining new knowledge and developing a valuable range of transferable skills.

The course builds on LCC’s longstanding and widely acknowledged reputation as an international centre of excellence for typographic design education.
The history of Postgraduate provision within the College (formerly the London College of Printing) begins with the advanced typography course instigated by Anthony Froshaug and Ernest Hoch in 1972 and is represented most recently by the MA Typo/graphic Studies which was revalidated as MA Graphic Design in 2004.

For further information, please go to: matypo.com

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