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p98a is an experimental letterpress workshop in Berlin Tiergarten, dedicated to letters, printing and paper by Erik Spiekermann, Ferdinand Ulrich, Norman Posselt, Axel Nagel, Jan Gassel, Laureen Mahler, John Peck, R.Jay Magill and Susanna Dulkinys. They explore how letterpress can be redefined in the 21st century through printing, research, collecting, publishing and making things.

Erik Spiekermann: Letterpress; as a printing process it survived because it became a hobby thing and a hipster activity. They use polymer plates to get that deep impression which would destroy metal type. Now at p98a (above) we have developed a method to produce metal-backed polymer plates without first having to make a negative. Direct to plate, up to 52 by 72cm, so eight book pages at once. The best of digital typography combined with the best method to get black type onto paper. It results in a slight bite of type into paper, not a deep debossing, but it achieves what Adrian Wilson* described:
It is the refraction of light
in the well of impression
that makes relief printing

They are also seeking submissions for the first time, so it is your chance to be published in Paper 06.

Source: MagCulture.

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