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205TF / Cosimo by Matthieu Cortat

205TF team just wrotes us telling us about their latest release, the font Cosimo by Matthieu Cortat.

Humanist Sans have sometimes a tendency to be over-roundish, slender, mannered, mimicking the calligraphy. With Cosimo, Matthieu Cortat proposes a font in the spirit of Gill Sans, with strong shoulders, few contrast, a certain darkness in print, which gives it strength and serenity.
Contrarily to many font of this style, its italic remains simple and quiet.
With its clear and defined range of weights it possesses a versatility which makes it suitable for many purposes, book, titling, magazines, websites…
Nice light, straightforward Regular, virile Bold and peppy Black, each weight has a slightly different personality, but they match each others, making Cosimo a well-grounded font for every-day use as well as dressed-up layouts.

Matthieu Cortat, born in 1982 in Delémont (Switzerland), is a graduate of the École d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) and of the Atelier national de recherche typographique (ANRT). French naturalized, he lives in Lyon where he is advisor to the collections of the museum of Printing and Graphic communication. He created the French typographical corpus, which brings together the typefaces in France between 1850 and today. Matthieu Cortat is now head of master Type design at ECAL in Lausanne.

You should check out 205TF, a type foundry that brings together the work of independent typeface designers, some of them well known, others closer to the beginning of their career, all highly talented. Each of them developing characters where a certain French spirit can be felt.

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