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Typography: The World of Creativity and Magic

Typography basically spells out creativity. It is everywhere we look, in the books that we read, the websites that we visit. Anything that has words and word art is typography. It is another level of creativity with various fonts and art. Basically fun art with words, letters and colour.  

Why Typography?

The world without any colour would be dull, that’s a fact we all know. This is the same reason why we evolved from the black and white TV to the colour TV. From the black and white photos to colour photos. From black ink to all the marvellous colours that we have today. Why typography? To add colour and creativity to the work that we do, Just like us casino online, they’ve been creative when it comes their games.

Typography Creativity

Ever looked at a book, and thought, the cover art of that book is amazing; I just have to read it. This is all due to the creative fonts that are on the cover. The fonts tell the story of their own. The way that you look at a book and assume that it is a horror, just by the way that the fonts are laid out.

The Magic in Word Art

This is the same magic that brands the world. The way that the Coca-Cola logo is on the bottle, or the h.p on your laptop.  The way that the word art is used is pure magic. It can transport you to a whole new world just by looking at it. The magic also seen, by how only need to know a little to make a big difference.  By changing one letter on the “Google” logo, a big difference is made.

Real Money Magic

Typography has found itself a home at best online casinos. The top internet-based casinos are using the art to make their sites more attractive to players. There have many instances even at land-based casinos, predecessors to online gambling, where the art-form has been used to advertise. Passing information in a catchy and fun way has proven to be a winning formula at gambling houses. 

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