Author: João Planche

AACD Unique Types

“Unique Types is a special collection of fonts inspired by children suffering from physical disabilities. Each font is created under the Creative Common license and is free of rights and limitations on use.” The idea of this project is to inspire designers, typographers and digital artists challenging them to create unique fonts inspired by children […]

We have a winner!

After some thoughts on the submissions we had, we have come to find a winner of the competition that us, Typeforyou and Hypefortype created. The winner of this competition was Shane Bzdok with a very nice crafted typeface that we in the end thought it was the best.We want to thank all of the participants, […]

New York Times

To celebrate the launch of the Turkish version of the journal, the New York Times created a video of the most remarkable landscapes of Manhattan and Istanbul using typography. A great piece of work where type once more proves to be something unquestionable. View the video

Alex Haigh interview

Hello Alex. 1- Tell us a little about yourself and your background. I’m a freelance senior designer / art director originally from Sheffield. I run a small studio called Thinkdust and also work alongside large digital agencies on large accounts for well known brands. 2 – When did you first notice your interest on design […]