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Werkplaats Typografie

Karel Martens, Paul Elliman and Armand Mevis.Found via SSerrato: The WT programme stimulates and practices critical reflection on the basis of a broad cultural perspective, with theory playing a supporting role.Participants engage in artistic research involving content and form, text and image, theory and practice, in relation to professional practice and supervised by leading designers. […]

Mexican Blackletter

Mexican Blackletter is a book published by Mark Batty Publisher on the blackletter also known as Gothic miniscule.Blackletter, known also as Gothic miniscule, originated in Europe near the end of the 12th century. Transported from Europe to the New World, blackletter was subtly reshaped by indigenous influences. No better is this illustrated than in Mexico. […]

Type for independent minds

“Made with FontFont” edited by FontShop co-founder Erik Spiekermann and Dutch writer-designer Jan Middendorp, showcases the history and influence of the award-winning foundry. The book is replete with real-world examples of FontFonts in use, from high-profile ad campaigns for big automakers and fast food giants to iconic poster designs for the Tyson/Tubbs heavyweight battle in […]

Karel Martens – 2nd Edition

Buy this while you have the chance! 🙂Karel Marten’s work occupies a unique place in the present European art and design landscape. While working in the tradition of Dutch modernism, he maintains distance from the main developments of his time: from both the practices of routinized Modernism and the facile reactions against it. His work […]