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Font Map by IDEO

Designers at IDEO wanted to bring artificial intelligence to the world of fonts, so they created Font Map, a quick experiment to see how machine learning can address challenges in design. Font selection is one of the most common visual choices designers make—and most fall back on old favorites, or search for a font within categories. By leveraging […]

Robin Nicholas, Creator of Arial Typeface, Comments On Web Fonts

Here is a video of Robin Nicholas creator of Arial discussing his creative inspirations and his thoughts on the evolution of fonts. This has also been created to celebrate Monotype Imaging’s public beta launch of Web Fonts ( Danniele Norton wrote us telling: Web Fonts is set to revolutionise the web design and communications industry, as it takes advantage […]


This is pretty interesting… Computer generated text, using a digitized manuscript font. The results are great and very beliveable: FONTSELF is a type project about handwriting and drawn writing. It provides the ability to create fonts that preserves the gestures of a given handwriting and the original look of the drawing appliance (ball-point pen, pencil, […]

Spell with flickr

Has you may have noticed, I´ve instaled a little javascript on top of the page, that gives me the letters of Type for you in different pictures everytime I refresh or load the site. 🙂 And if you click on any letter, you are redirected to flickr and the user who took the picture.Very inspiring […]