G-Type’s first new font release of 2014 is actually a major reworking of an old one, Precious Sans, which originally appeared back in 2002. The new family is called Precious Sans Two, available from g-type.com with a 50% discount until the end of January, then with 25% off the standard price until Feb 28th 2014.

Over a decade after it’s first appearance G-Type’s Nick Cooke decided the time was right to re-appraise the typeface, scrutinise the old letterforms and make some important enhancements.

Make no mistake though, Precious Sans Two is no rudimentary re-release; nearly every character has been redrawn, re-proportioned, respaced and generally improved.


The original Precious Sans was well received at the time but certain quirkier characteristics, the extended lower case ‘f’ for instance, or the binocular ‘g’, were perhaps too prominent and a little distracting. Short terminals on the ‘a’ and ‘s’ also made the first Precious incarnation less appealing when used as body text. Second time around the major overhaul has not only addressed the shortcomings of the original but made huge improvements right across the board:

• enhanced legibility and suitability for text use

• more streamlined range of 6 weights; Thin to Black plus matching italics

• cross platform compatible OpenType OTF format

• proportional and tabular figures

• extended language support for Western & Central Europe, the Baltic states & Turkey

• small caps, accented small caps & related case sensitive forms

• extra stylistic set containing the original quirkier I, f & g alternate glyphs

• extensive suite of discretionary ligatures

• 20 directional single and double arrows in each of the six weights

Precious Sans Two is a crisp and distinctively modern typeface, well equipped for advanced typographic use in print, web and digital publishing environments.

Visit g-type.com/precious-sans-two-font for more specimens & information, or email info@g-type.com

About G-Type

G-Type is a digital font foundry and experienced type design studio founded by Nick Cooke in 1999.

G-Type excels at designing logos and custom fonts for leading brands and organisations around the world. Companies and publications as diverse as Vauxhall, Tesco and The Mail On Sunday have had well received typographic makeovers courtesy of G-Type and many more, including NBC and Cadburys, use G-Type commercial fonts as the cornerstone of their corporate styling.

Cooke’s Chevin typeface brands the Royal Mail with distinction and is highly visible at every Post Office throughout the UK. Three other popular G-Type typefaces to achieve international acclaim are the sans serif Houschka family and the successful handwritten scripts Olicana & Rollerscript.

The G-Type retail library is a wonderfully varied and versatile collection of high quality original fonts, invariably containing feature-rich ‘Pro’ character sets brimming with alternates, ligatures, multiple figure options and extensive language coverage.

All fonts & images © Nick Cooke / G-Type




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