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Ghostly Ferns, a New York-based design firm, embarked on a creative journey with a mid-century furniture retailer in Brighton, UK, infusing warmth into modernism. Their mission: craft an inviting visual identity that resonated with the brand. Central was the meticulous selection of fonts like lovely & company website,  conveying the aesthetic and ensuring a harmonious brand experience.

Eames Century Modern Sets the Tone

At the heart lies Eames Century Modern, chosen for the retailer’s logo, shaping the branding strategy. Alongside, Ghostly Ferns introduced Archive Antique Extended, with a weathered, wood-type charm, akin to Hellenic Wide, adding character to brand messaging, cementing the vintage appeal.

Balancing Readability and Modernity with Cabin

To maintain readability and modernity, the team added Cabin, a humanist sans-serif font, inspired by type pioneers Johnston and Gill. This brought contemporary elegance, keeping the website visually engaging and user-friendly.

Addressing Potential Challenges

Despite success, potential challenges loom. Windows users might face legibility issues with Archive Antique webfonts at smaller sizes. Feedback from Windows users is vital. Additionally, using Georgia for other text could hamper readability, especially when spanning the site’s full width.

Ghostly Ferns’ Design Triumph

Nevertheless, despite potential hiccups, Ghostly Ferns‘ design for the mid-century furniture retailer stands as a testament to their skill and commitment to the company’s image. The website exudes a distinctive charm, aligning perfectly with the brand, making it a visually captivating and effective platform for showcasing and selling vintage goods.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Ghostly Ferns‘ thoughtful font and design choices have given rise to a visually striking, cohesive brand identity for the Brighton-based mid-century furniture retailer. While challenges exist, the overall impact of the design is undeniably impressive, seamlessly aligning with the company’s mission. It showcases the power of design to transform and revitalize a brand’s identity while honoring its heritage.

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