For this mid-century furniture retailer in Brighton (UK) New York firm Ghostly Ferns chose the warmer side of modernism, using Eames Century Modern for the logo, Archive Antique Extended (roughed up wood type, similar to Hellenic Wide), and Cabin, a humanist sans inspired by Johnston and Gill. The overall effect works pretty well, and really puts me in the mood to buy some vintage goods.

There’s a possible technical pitfall, though. I wonder if the Archive Antique webfonts really hold up at small sizes on Windows. I welcome readers on that OS to chime in. Otherwise, I can’t think of a really good Hellenic Wide alternative for the web. Dispatch Extended is probably the best bet.

One other problem: other text, set in Georgia, is generally too small, which is especially troublesome when the text runs the full width of the site.

Still, the site a handsome effort worthy of the company name, and it seems to be serving them well.

via Fonts In Use: Staff Picks

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