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As much as digital marketing has become a new online tool to market your products and services such as best usa real money online casinos many manipulative activities are done to achieve bigger results. In other words, many black hat practices are taking place on digital marketing.

However, one of the key things you need to know is that black hat practices will surely make Google bring your site down. It doesn’t matter if the site looks brilliant if you use manipulative ways to achieve such Google will penalize you.

Therefore, there are certain things that search engines are not looking for and you need to be aware of these things.

Keyword Stuffing

This is a practice of overusing your keywords on your pages. This practice is bad and it will surely affect your website readability. Nevertheless, it is actually debatable if Google is still considering the use of keywords as a ranking factor. But keyword stuffing is still not recommended.

Link Buying

Are you considering approaching a link farm? It’s better we tell you to avoid it. It’s not worth all the hassle and the hard work. Rather put that work into something useful like playing online casino games for real money. However, the most valuable links are the ones that come from the authoritative sites within your own forte.

Duplicate sites Content

There are instances that Google will discover two identical pieces of information. This might be on your site or on the other hand that you are not aware of its existence. Therefore, Google will go forward and index one of those pages. You need to be very wary of these sites and make sure you keep on updating your content on a regular basis.

Mobile app Interstitials

Some sites will present mobile users with a full-screen advert so that they download your app. If this is the case, Google will go on and consider your site no longer mobile friendly. And that will make you rank way below par.

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